Letters to our MPs, Pt II

Yesterday we had our first ever Our Future, Our Choice meeting in Manchester. In case you haven’t heard of them, they are a young persons’ organisation campaigning for a People’s Vote.  The turnout was brilliant with more than 20 attending. We discussed the recent developments (Labour supporting a People’s Vote – yay!), got hyped for the big ‘Put it to the People’ march on the 23rd March and we wrote tonnes and tonnes of letters to our MPs.

Writing to your MP can seem strangely old-fashioned; it’s certainly not something I ever considered before starting to campaign for a People’s Vote. However, it can make a big impact –MPs often cite letters they’ve received from their constituents and it has allowed many to challenge assertions from the media that their voters still want to leave the EU. Armed with letters from their constituents, MPs can make the case that, in fact, the mood has shifted in many constituencies and more and more people want to remain.

That’s why writing to your MP can make a big impact. It doesn’t take much time and you could even email them (Find your MPs address here).

Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday!

The Brexit deadline is coming closer – if you think Brexit will harm you and the people you care about, now is the time to do something about it. Don’t be the person who hates Brexit but stands on the sidelines – it’s time to stand up and do something.

Today we’re featuring Vee’s letter to her MP Jeff Smith (Manchester Withington). She’s 27 and has lived in Manchester for almost ten years. She works in the medical sector and is particularly worried about the damage Brexit will do to the NHS.

Vee’s Letter:

Dear Jeff Smith MP,

I have been living in Chorlton for the past three years and have been a resident of Manchester for almost ten. As my MP I am writing to you to try and express my feelings about Brexit. It’s fair to say I’m confused, saddened and fearful and I feel like writing this letter will help me express this better than any other way I can think of.

The result of the 2016 referendum now feels like a distant memory. I remember waking up in a muddy field on the day of the result and hoping I was still dreaming. I can’t pinpoint my exact reasons for wanting to stay in the EU, but my overwhelming feeling was that we were stronger together than we were apart. Having lived in such a diverse city for such a long time, I had found myself studying with, working with and living with many people who had moved to the UK from neighbouring EU countries.

Many of these people have become some of my best friends and it seems absurd to me that they are in a position where they are questioning whether soon they will have the right to remain in a country they call home and have called home for such a long time.

I currently work in the medical sector and I see on a day-to-day basis how much value EU nationals bring to our NHS. The NHS is currently at crisis point as far as I can see. We have a shortage of doctors that I fear is drastically affecting the healthcare we and our loved ones are receiving. Not only is it affecting the health of NHS patients, but also of our doctors who are already under an enormous amount of pressure. At a time like this, we can’t afford to be turning away skilled and talented people who want to contribute not only to our healthcare system, but to our economy and to our communities on a local and national scale.

To me, it is clear that what is currently happening in Parliament is a disaster. As the Brexit deadline comes ever closer I see the fear and anxiety levels around those around me rise and rise. I feel as though I and many others are in a position where we don’t know what the best solution is. What I do know is that my faith in this government no longer exists. I’m not even sure what I’m asking from you as my MP, perhaps just to show us some light at the end of the tunnel.

If you want to get active for a People’s Vote, join the Our Future, Our Choice campaign and For Our Future’s Sake campaigns. Both are campaigning for a People’s Vote, are aimed at young people and need volunteers!

The Put It To The People : People’s Vote March is taking place on 23rd March in London. Make sure you attend and bring your best placards! 

There are coaches going from Manchester – book your space here. It’s £30 with £20 back on the day if you provide valid student ID.


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