Letters to our MPs

Emily, Minister of ‘Justice for Britain’ at Dispatches from Brexit Britain, shares her email to Jeff Smith, Labour MP for Manchester Withington.

Hi Jeff,

I am a young adult living in your constituency, Withington, M20. I voted for you in the last election and am now calling on you for your help as my MP.
I am writing to you because I do not want the UK to go through with Brexit.
I will keep this brief: I urge you to vote to take a no deal Brexit off the table, I urge you to vote to extend article 50 and I urge you to back a People’s Vote, as I can see no other viable way to stop Brexit.

Ne’er a truer word spoken.

Please fight for Brexit to be reversed. We were at the People’s Vote rally this Saturday and, as my housemate wrote on her placard: a bad idea is a bad idea forever (another wrote ‘democracy doesn’t stop at one vote’).

I am confused about why no one seems to be talking about the illegal overspend of the Leave campaign. All other dirty tactics aside, if Leave were so sure that leaving the EU truly is the will of the people, then they could have at least done us all the courtesy of winning the referendum without breaking the law.

I am disappointed that something akin to the outrage seen over Watergate scandal is not happening in the UK. But most of all I am terrified by the prospect of a no deal Brexit, please do everything in your power to stop this.

Thank you for your time.
Best regards 


Please email your MPs if you think no deal has to be stopped and you support a second referendum. You can find out who your MP is here.


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