Bring your laptops, bring your frustrations.

Ich moechte Teil einer Jugendbewegung sein…

The idea behind this blog is to give us a forum to document how we feel about Brexit. Many of us have become disengaged, battered by a seemingly never-ending news cycle and it’s easy to feel like our opinions don’t matter. Today, John Harris wrote an excellent article in the Guardian under the headline “A Nation ‘bored of Brexit’ risks sleepwalking into disaster”. I couldn’t agree more. Our stories matter, our voices matter, let’s make sure they’re heard.

Since publishing my very personal history of Europe yesterday, I have received lots of heartening messages from friends saying they want to get involved, so let’s do it. 

High Spirits at Dispatches from Brexit Britain HQ

I’m proposing a kick-off meeting at Yes! in Manchester next Tuesday at 7 pm. Everyone is welcome. Don’t worry if you don’t want to write, if you can draw, make collages, do web design, take photos, be cool on social media (unlike me), coordinate, or just want to have a pint and try to make sense of it all, this is the meeting for you. Let’s make some multi-media protest art, 21st century style.

If you can’t make it to the meeting but still want to get involved, you can email and I’ll be setting up a facebook group where we can coordinate.

I’m going to send you on your way with  a top German song from 1995 – Tocotronic’s “Ich moechte Teil einer Jugendbewegung sein” –  I want to be part of a youth movement!


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